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Ubiquitous Preferred Services Inc is a people development company that provides assessments, primary research, continuing education, training, facilitated workshops, and coaching to further the development of professionals. Our Digital Professional Framework focuses on four domains to upskill staff and team members. (1) Technical depth where we enhance the understanding of how technology can make a material difference to organizational goals and objectives, (2) Business acumen where we help leaders enhance their knowledge of their business, their industry and cross-sector insights, (3) Interpersonal skills where we help people better connect, communication, negotiate and collaborate with other stakeholders, and lasty (4) Social impact where we

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Business Relationship Management

As business relationship managers, we depend on relationships with other business functions to be successful, but it can be easy to fall out of sync with business strategy and struggle to get the right type of information out of your function.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) represents a growing area of study that holds tremendous potential impact on the workplace. As the business world shrinks and teams reach new levels of diversity, those who can communicate and manage relationships effectively become even more vital.

Ubiquitous Preferred Services specializes in providing people development services to help upskill people for a changing world of work. We do this through training/workshops, coaching, and consulting services to small and large organizations. Our team understands that today’s rapidly evolving business environment calls for highly trained and knowledgeable employees and leadership that have the tools they need to think on their feet and address issues with low downtime. At Ubiquitous Preferred Services, we have the insights, experience, and expertise to customize our development services to meet our clients’ needs

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