Business Relationship Management

Relationship Management


Business Relationship Management provides essential navigation, orchestration, and connection between the business and customers as well as other businesses.
Business Relationship Management Professional certification allows business leaders to understand the role of BRM better and further help in creating its awareness within their organization. It also enables them to look deeper into their existing business relationships and identify areas to improve on.
Ubiquitous is a trusted partner of the BRMI (Business Relationship Management Institute). It leverages the network of global IT professionals who have decades of experience building relationships within their organizations. The purpose of Business Relationship Management is to maintain a positive and constructive relationship with the customers, identify the needs of both existing and prospective customers making sure suitable services are developed to satisfy those needs.
Business Relationship Management (BRM) inspires, shapes, and surfaces business demand crosswise business areas such as human resources, information technology (IT), or finance, ensuring maximum business value is captured, optimized, and documented. BRM is a vital and growing drive in and out of IT. Conceptually, it has been around for many years but now keyed up by the digital revolution, formal processes, and the sustained unification of business practices which helps to maximizes the value of IT in business enterprises.
Ubiquitous Preferred Services offers certification programs in BRM Strategy, BRMP certification, and One-On-One Coaching with the aim of allowing the executives to earn their Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) to become trusted advisors and strategic partners and adopt tools and use a consistent lexicon as a BRM.
Ubiquitous Preferred Services Inc is accredited by the Business Relationship Management Institute (through APMG International) to deliver this course. For more information about the BRM Institute visit the BRM Institutes website at

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